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Tally Accounting Software:


Tally (logo) take a lot of pride in the 'Power of Simplicity'®.


Tally helps you keep track of your business by providing you a single-window interface to monitor the health of your business by computing real-time cash/bank balance, receivables/payables and turnover.


Tally manages your inventory across multiple locations, helping you maintain customer and supplier orders and thereby optimizing working capital utilization.


Tally lets you operate in any currency of choice, catering to fluctuations of Forex and making available the comparison reports between any local and international currencies.


Tally allows you to conduct your business anywhere, anytime, by giving you access to your data through remote access without having to worry about data-security.


Tally provides you with support that is quick, responsive and convenient. Use the inbuilt support to get answers to your queries or Dial-a-Tally expert for instant phone support or contact the extensive network of Tally service partners.



Features of Tally:


  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Job Work Management
  • Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Payroll Capabilities
  • MIS Reporting Capabilities
  • Internet Base Capabilities
  • Data Exchange Capabilities
  • Data Security Capabilities



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